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Japan Climate

People generally get inquisitive about Japan because of the resilience they have shown after every debacles in life. The four distinct seasons which makes them stronger to fight every obstacles in life and remain one of the finest in Asia makes the world believe that Japanese are born different. The best of the weather which is from December to February and since it has different islands together it is said that the country gets ice and snow in winter. The rainy season see the monsoon circulation in the entire islands with Japan’s weather during the temperature drop as it moves from North to the central and Northern regions experiencing snowfall.

The Spring season is from March to May, and the temperatures are warm but not too hot with not too much of rain. The cherry blossoms which are out during this time are known for the ongoing festivals which happen during these seasons. The Summer begins in June along with the countries experiencing a three to four week rainy season in which farmers plant the rice with the hot and humid weather during this time along with the temperatures which are often in the high 30’s. Summer gets wrapped in August and the Autumn starts from September to November along with further during the season the heavy snowfall during winters.

Japan is one of the largest archipelago with 3000 islands and islets which gets extended in latitude. The sea which surrounds all around the Japan as it is an island nation plays a significant role in shaping the climate within the same time to increase the air humidity. It is the influence of two great Asian continent of the mountain ranges with the ocean currents and it is across the length of the country which tends to increase the difference between the seasons along with the tropical latitudes crossing the country with the sea also getting influence by Oya-Shio which is the cold current and Kuro-Shio which is the flow of the current with difference being the seasons and between different area.

The various festivals which coincides with the climate making it around the year destination with the festivals by the name of Yuki Matsuri which is Sopporo’s snow festival along with the Cherry Blossom Viewing between March to May and the Tokoyama Matsuri with the Spring festival in April makes it some great country with experiencing the colour of love spread all around.