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札幌大学植物園 日本旅行の目的地

University Botanical Gardens Sapporo Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 9-April-2022

About Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens Destination: Botanic Garden of Hokkaido University is a famous tourists place in Sapporo city of the Japan country. Botanic Garden of Hokkaido University was opened in 1886 where tourists can watch several famous trees, plants, birds and many other attractions.

  • University Botanical Gardens Location: Sapporo City, Japan.
  • University Botanical Gardens Address: 9 Chome Kita 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0003, Japan.
  • University Botanical Gardens Opened Year : 1886.
  • University Botanical Gardens Ticket Price (Entry Fee): Paid.
  • University Botanical Gardens Show Timings (Open Hours): 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • University Botanical Gardens Closed Day: Monday.

How Can Reach to Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens: it is located in Sapporo city of the Hokkaido island in Japan country. Sapporo city is well connected to all over world via air transport and water transport. Sapporo city has international seaport and airport which connect city to foreign countries. Passengers also can come to Sapporo from other Japanese domestic places via road transport, water transport, air transport and train transport.

By air transport: Sapporo Okadama Airport is the main airport of the Sapporo city which is an international airport.

By water transport: Otaru Ferry Terminal is the major ferry / ship terminal where people can get ferry / ship services to foreign countries and domestic coastal places.

By train transport: Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station is the major railway station of the Hokkaido island where also has bullet trains station.

By road transport: Japan country has excellent road transport network which all villages, towns and cities connected to gather via high quality roads.

Things to Do near of The Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens: travelers can do many types activities in Sapporo city which some are watch city famous gardens & parks, watch Sapporo city famous museums, watch city historical places, explore Japanese people social & cultural activities, participate in annual snow festivals etc.

Tourists attractions near of Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens: travelers can visit many types famous places such as the following.

Attractions near Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens: Hokkaido University Museum in Botanic Garden, Miyabe Kingo Memorial Hall - Museum, Batchelor Memorial, Endo Michiko Memorial Music Hall - Museum, Kita 6 Jo Elm Nosato Park, Sapporo Odori Park, Sapporo Archives Museum (Former Sapporo Court of Appeal), Hokkaido Prefectural Migishi Kotaro Museum, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art - Art museum etc.

Other attractions in Sapporo city: The Hokkaido University Museum, Bust of Dr. William S. Clark, Poplar Avenue - Scenic spot, Hokkaido University Ginkgo Avenue, Hokkaido University, Sapporo Beer Museum, Hokkaido Railway Technology Museum - Rail museum, Sapporo Waterworks Memorial Museum, Mount Moiwa Observation Deck, Nishioka Central Park, Sapporo City Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo Teine (Olympia Ski Center), Otaru Dream Beach, Otane Beach, Ishikari Bay New Port, Hamanasu no oka Park, Minetomari Park, Atsuta Park Observation Deck, Atsuta Beach Center etc. Japan travel trip is a well idea to Botanic Garden Hokkaido University tour which is located in Sapporo city in Northern of the Japan country. Delhi travel trip , Rishikesh travel trip , Mussoorie travel trip and Shimla travel trip .

Europe travel trip is a well plan to Antwerp city tour which is located in Belgium country. Antwerp is also a coastal city which situated on shore of the North Sea. Antwerp city is placed on bank of the River Scheldt. Antwerp is a modern city where has mostly facilities which includes modern transport system, modern health facilities, education system etc. Antwerp is a good destination to explore Belgium country local people social and cultural activities.

Antwerp city has several famous places to visit which some are Museum aan de Stroom, Diamant museum, Museum of Modern Art, Museum Van De Geschiedenis Van De Gezondheidszorg, Provincial Domain Rivierenhof - Park, Kasteel Boekenberg - Castle, Stampe & Vertongen Museum, Volkssterrenwacht Urania - Planetarium, Vrieselhof - Castle, Hobokense Polder - Nature preserve, Playground Park Sorghvliedt, Fort Haasdonk - Castle, Natuurtuin Hof Ter Saksen - Park, Kasteel Ravenhof - Castle etc.