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Yokohama City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-Nov-2021

About Yokohama City destination: Yokohama is famous city of the Japan country which is placed in southern of the Tokyo city. Yokohama is a coastal city of the Japan country where has many international ferry / cruise ship terminal to come foreign countries passengers and also can do international trading.

Distances from Yokohama City:-

  • Tokyo City : 35.1 KM.
  • Nagoya City : 333.0 KM.
  • Osaka City : 488.0 KM.
  • Sapporo City : 1130.6 KM.
  • Kyoto City : 338.7 KM.
  • Kobe City : 506.1 KM.

Yokohama City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 2.7 3.1 6.0 10.7 15.5 19.1 22.9 22.9 21.0 15.7 10.1 5.2
Average High (℃) 10.2 10.8 14.0 18.9 23.1 25.5 29.4 31.0 27.3 22.0 17.1 12.5

Yokohama is the second largest populated city of the Japan country after Tokyo city. Yokohama city is exact 35.1 KM distance from Tokyo city, Osaka city is just 448.6 KM far, Kyoto city is exact 438.7 KM distance, Nagoya city is just 333.9 KM distance, Niigata city is exact 346.2 KM far and Sendai city is just 383.9 KM far. The Yokohama is placed near of the Tokyo city where travelers can explore Japanese local people cultural and social activities.

How can come to Yokohama City: passengers can come to Yokohama via water transport and air transport from foreign countries. Domestic tourists can come also to Yokohama city via train transport and road transport. Japan country has advanced developed train transport system. Japan tour travel and Europe tour travel .

Haneda International airport is just 21.2 KM distance from Yokohama city which is the busiest airport of the Japan country. Passengers can get here international flights to all over world easily. It is placed just near of the sea edge Tokyo Bay. It is a fully modern airport where are available several facilities.

WATERS Takeshiba - Ferry terminal and Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal are nearest main ferry / cruise ship international terminals. Tourists can get here international ship to all over world. These both harbour are the busiest ferry terminals of the Japan country where passengers can get ferry services domestic coastal cities.

Yokohama City famous tourist paces: the city has several popular places to watch which some are Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise - Aquarium, Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama - Technology museum, Mitsuike Park, Tsurumiku Sports Park - Athletic park, Kishine Park, Zoorasia - Yokohama Municipal Zoo, Oike Park, Kuraki Park, Honmoku Fishing Pier, Yokohama Municipal Kanazawa Zoo, Hayama Marina etc.

Yokohama City famous restaurants & accommodations: the Yokohama City has many popular hotels accommodations and restaurants to stay nights and eat famous and delicious foods. Yokohama City some famous restaurants are Shin-Yokohama Fuji View Hotel Restaurant Pier - Restaurant, Yamauchi Nojo Shin-yokohama - Izakaya restaurant, Ryu Shanhai Yokohama - Ramen restaurant, Wendy's First Kitchen Shin-Yokohama - Hamburger restaurant, Tendon Tenya Shin Yokohama Branch - Tempura donburi restaurant, Bubble Over - American restaurant, Azamino Ukai-tei - Teppanyaki restaurant, Nirvanam North and South Indian Restaurant Center-Kita Branch - Indian restaurant, Amrapali - Indian restaurant etc. Japan is a beautiful country which capital city is the Tokyo. Japan country has its unique culture and social activities. Japan is fully developed country where people live their life with modern technology.