Ameya Yokocho Market Street Tour, Japan

Ameya Yokocho is one of the open air market which is at the Taito Ward of Tokyo and is located next to the Ueno station. The market is huge in terms of total area and is just behind the Yodobashi Camera building and has over one hundred and eighty one shops. It mainly sells fresh food along with fish to clothing and also time pieces which are a part of Japanese electronic industry. It can be called one of the traditional shopping district bustling with excitement and the various products sold here are perishable foods along with sweets, clothes, shoes and bags.

Also, it is one of the biggest market of the cosmetics and also the sales is based on face to face interactions in terms of selling the various products and it shows the humanitarian interaction between the seller and the buyer. Also, such sales is quite prevalent in the Asian markets and the Ameyoko Shopping street is one of the bigger witness of good relationship in terms of sales and also a great food market. The famous shopping and dining street in Tokyo and the delicious food which can be bought here gives enough delight to the foodies who love to gorge on delicious foods.

The foods which can be bought here are chocolates which can be bought at a bargain price and the shop staff can sell bags with various sweets which is mainly chocolates and is found to be at 2500 JPY while shouting 1000 Yen which is just an assumption as prices vary once you go for bargaining. A famous shop by the name of Niki no Kashi is very massive in terms of having the largest sweet shop in Japan. It does not only sell candies but also offer a wide array of other food products such as instant foodstuff along with various seasonings.

The nuts and delicacies which sells natural food products including dried fruits and nuts along with various seafood which is some of the rare items and also snacks. The shop manages to offer reasonable prices as on various products such as almonds and walnuts which are very popular as it buys the dry fruits in bulk. London sports boasts one of the largest product inventories and one can buy sporting goods at some dirt-cheap prices as low as 60-80% off which certainly helps to enjoy upto 10% discount making it one of the good choice of buying everything at a bargain price.

Open Hours:- 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Location:- Tokyo Capital City, Japan

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Distances from Taito:-

Tokyo City : 5.3 KM

Yokohama City : 37.4 KM

Osaka City : 511.2 KM

Nagoya City : 359.7 KM

Sapporo City : 1106.8 KM