Privacy Policy

Terms and Policy which JapanLiburan.com use it for collecting direct information. The JapanLiburan.com is a web-page related through the various factions of life and it further helps in knowing the destinations along with the interests which a person wants to know. Also, the company web page puts stress on putting there privacy and terms upright.

If the employment and advertising is concerned then it also publishes the right employments in various sectors along with advertisement related to various companies. The good thing about this web-page is that it tries to keep the relevant facts and is not related to any educational institution or Government.

Sustaining information from you:

The information directly provide us through the details provided from your end. Once you create an account is through contacting through contact form along with using the private messaging system or else just having a communication. The information collected may include the e-mail address or any other details which one provides.

Automatic collection of data:

The moment a person gets onto our web-page the websites takes down the IP Address when you submit tour package enquiry only. What all browsers you visit including the operating system you are using along with the time of visit.

  • The website traffic which is most visited on your Browser.
  • Helps in personalizing your visit to website.
  • It helps in understanding demographics, interests and needs of visitors.
  • Responding to the inquiries of the user.
  • Detecting, investigating and preventing spam along with the abuse and illegal activities.

Security measures:

No selling or distribution of e-mail address done along with personally identifying information to the third parties along with the password-protected directories and publicly inaccessible databases.


Cookies as usual is small file in hard disk of your computer storage. It depends whether you choose to collect or delete cookies.

Following services used by us for analyzing web traffic:

  • Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics with display advertising featuring demographic data about the traffic size. We facilitate merging of personally-identifiable information with other non-personally identifiable information collected from Display Advertising.
  • Google Ads: We take extensive use of Google to display advertising on website.
  • Adara: We allow Adara to log when users view specific pages on website.

Disclaimer or Terms of Use:

It is an informative web-page which users may download for personal or non-commercial use. It also helps in resell or redistribute without the written permission of publisher and copywriters. If some inaccurate or any expenses related to liability or damage incurs then the Japan-Guide.com is not responsible for it as it is not related to any educational institution or Government.