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UK Holiday to Buckingham Palace Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 19-June-2021

About Buckingham Palace Destination: Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the United Kingdom King. It is located just near of the Palace of Westminster. Tourists can visit the Buckingham Palace from out side only. The Palace was built in 1703. It is also the administration headquarter destination of the United Kingdom King .

How can reach to Buckingham Palace: it is well connected via road transport and local metro train. It is located in London city where tourists can come from all over world via water and air transport while other European countries tourists also can come via road and train transport.

Train Transport: Waterloo train Station is just 1.3 Miles distance from Buckingham Palace where tourists can get train to other European countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland etc.) and domestic cities.

Road Transport: London city is well connected with other domestic cities, villages, towns and other European countries via road transport. Buckingham Palace is just 0.6 Miles distance from London downtown, Tower of London is just 3.0 Miles far, The British Museum is just 1.5 Miles distance, London Eye (observation wheel) is exact 1.4 Miles far, Big Ben (Clock tower) is just 0.7 Miles distance, ZSL London Zoo is just 3.5 Miles distance, Victoria and Albert Museum is exact 1.6 Miles far.

Flights Transport: Heathrow International Airport is the busiest airport of the United Kingdom which is just 15.3 Miles distance from Buckingham Palace where tourists can get flights to all over world easily.

Things to do around the Buckingham Palace: people can do several remember able activities near of the Buckingham Palace like watch UK King official residence from out side, photography of the Queen palace, watch UK royal family, watch London city famous historical places, eat London street foods and shopping London famous gifts etc.

Tourists attraction around the Buckingham Palace: people can visit many famous attractions in London city and near of the Buckingham Palace such as the following.

Buckingham Palace attractions: Victoria Memorial - Monument, Buckingham Palace Memorial Gardens, Canada Memorial, Canada Gate, St James's Park Playground, Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, Clarence House, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Memorial, South African Royal Artillery Memorial, St James's Park Lake, Equestrian Statue Of The Duke Of Wellington, Australian War Memorial etc.

London city other attractions: Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey - Church, London Eye - observation wheel, Big Ben - Clock tower, St. Paul's Cathedral, St James's Piccadilly - Anglican church, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, American International Church, The British Museum, Lambeth Bridge, Millennium Bridge etc. England holiday vacation is a well idea to Buckingham Palace tour which is the official residence of the United Kingdom King. Buckingham Palace is placed in London capital city, United Kingdom.

Switzerland holiday vacation is a nice plan to St Gallen city tour which is a beautiful city of the Switzerland country which is situated in north eastern of the country. Obersee Lake just near of the St Gallen city which is well connected with air, road, train transport with domestic and other European cities. foreign countries also can come to St Gallen city via air transport . Its nearest international airport is placed in Zurich city which is just 87 Miles distance.

St Gallen is a nice which covered around by snow capped mountains and deep forest where also has options to boating and cruise ship riding in Obersee Lake. St Gallen city some famous places are Lokremise Kunstmuseum - Museum, Feuerwehrmuseum - Museum, Historical and Folklore Museum, Natural History Museum St. Gallen, Wildlife Park Peter and Paul, Botanical Garden, Walter Zoo, St. Gallen museum of art - Art museum etc.