Japan Holiday

Japan Holiday to Izumi Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 3-April-2023

About Izumi City Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts Destination: Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts is a famous museum which is located in Izumi city of the Japan country. the Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts is a art type museum which was established in 1982.

How Can Reach to Izumi City Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts: It is situated in Izumi City of the Japan country which is just 27.6 KM distance from Osaka port commercial city. Passengers can come to Izumi City from other Japanese places via air, train, water and road transport.

By Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is the nearest international airport where passengers can get air flights to foreign countries. Kansai International Airport is just 22.7 KM distance from Izumi City.

By train Transport: Izumi city has local train station where passengers can get train transport to other Japanese regional places.

Things to Do near of Izumi City Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts: passengers can do several things to do in Izumi city which some are watch city famous museums, spend time on Sea shore, spend time at city parks,water parks and amusement parks, eat Japanese local street foods, participated in local Japanese people culture activities etc.

Tourists attractions near of Izumi City Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts: people can watch several historical and modern places in Izumi city which some are the following.

Attractions near Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts: FamilyMart Izumi Uchidacho - Convenience store, Uchida 3 Go Park, Midorigaoka 3 Go Park, Kuboso Bridge, Mizuiro Izumi, Ya Baseball Field, Yuzukizaki Calligraphy Class, Hatsugano 9 Go Park, Jungle Jungle Kishiwada Izumi Inter - Thrift store, K's Denki Kishiwada Izumi Inter - Electronics store, Tsukushino Park, Little Planet LaLaport Izumi - Theme park etc.

Other popular places in Izumi city: St. Andrew's University - Private university, Kagurazaki Park, Spinola Gakuen Futayuri Kindergarten - Kindergarten School, Izumi Recycle Environment Park, Komyodai 1 Go Ryokuchi Park, Natural hot springs Spa Refre - Day spa, Okuwa Kishiwada Hatta - Supermarket, Kumedaji - Buddhist temple etc. Japan travel trip is a nice idea to Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts tour which is situated in Izumi City of the Japan country. Japan travel trip and Europe travel trip booking.

Europe travel trip is a very good idea to Charleroi city tour which is situated in Belgium country of the Europe region. Charleroi is a modern city whcih is located on bank of the Sambre River which is well destination to explroe local Belgium people culture and social activities. Charleroi city is very well connected to other European countries and other Beligum regional places via air, train and road transport.

Charleroi modern city has several histrocial and modern palces to visit which some are Bois du Cazier - Local history museum, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Shopping Cora Chatelineau - Hypermarket, Parc Nelson Mandela de Monceau-sur-Sambre - City park, Hypermarkt Carrefour BOMEREE - Supermarket, Rive Gauche - Shopping mall, Palais des Beaux Arts de - Performing arts theater, Stade du Pays de - Stadium, Patinoire de - Ice skating rink, Quai10 - Movie theater, The Huggy's Bar - Hamburger restaurant, BPS22 - Art museum, Terril of Freelancing - Nature preserve, Parc Bivort - Park, La Duchere - Park, Parc du Chateau Soupart - Park, Eglise Saint-Christophe de - Catholic church etc.