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Lille City France Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 18-April-2022

About Lille city destination: Lille is a modern city which is located in northern of the France country and just near of the Belgium country. Lille city is just 225.4 KM distance from Paris central capital city. Lille is a good city to explore French and Belgium local culture and social activities. Lille is a fully modern city where has several types facilities and tourists places which includes amusement parks and water parks also.

Lille city is well connected to other French country domestic places via road transport. Lille city is just 225.4 KM distance from Paris capital city, Amiens city is exact 143.5 KM distance, Nantes city is just 600.3 KM distance, Tours city is exact 455.1 KM distance, Metz city is just 393.1 KM far, Lyon city is just 691.7 KM distance, Nice city is just 1157.9 KM distance and Marseille city is just 1000.9 KM distance.

France is a modern and fully developed country of the Europe region which is located in north western of the Europe region. France country capital city is Paris which is situated in northern of the country. France neighbour countries are Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. France is a famous country of the Europe where people can explore European people modern life style. Europe is the birth place of the modern culture, health system, education system, modern clothing and many more. Europe tour travel and Japan tour travel .

How can come to Lille city: Lille is a border city which is located on border of the Belgium country. Lille city is well connected to other French domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. people also can come to city from other European countries via road transport, train transport and air transport.

Lille-Flandres - Train station: Lille-Flandres is the central railway station where people can get trains to other European countries and also to French local places. tourists can move via train transport from one European countries to other via train transport.

Lille Airport - International airport: Lille Airport is an international airport where people can get flights to other foreign countries also to other domestic places of the France country.

Lille city tourists attractions: Lille city has several types places to which some are Zoo de Lille, Musee de l'Institut Pasteur de Lille - Museum, Tour de la gare Saint-Sauveur - Museum, Smallicieux - la cite des enfants de Lillenium - Science museum, La Vieille Bourse - Monument, Kinepolis - Movie theater, Palais des Beaux Arts - Museum, LaM, Lille Metropole Musee d'art moderne - Art museum, Musee du Terroir - Museum, The Open Air Museum - Local history museum, Departmental Forum of Sciences - Science museum, Base Recreation 6 Bonniers - Amusement center, Campsites Alouettes and the Image etc.

Lille city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Lille has many famous hotels accommodations to stay. city some famous restaurants are Namaste Restaurant Lille - Buffet restaurant, Saigon 2 - Vietnamese restaurant, la rotanda lille - Mexican restaurant, Restaurant Layalina - Lebanese restaurant, Mama Kitchen - Italian restaurant, Le Plaza Restaurant - French restaurant, L'Orange Bleue - French restaurant, Aux Quatre Vents - French restaurant, restaurant QG - Restaurant, OPA - Restaurant Bistronomique - Lesquin, Aux Quatre Vents - French restaurant etc.