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Osaka Ukiyoe Museum Japan Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 12-Dec-2022

About Osaka Ukiyoe Museum Destination: Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is a famous trip places in Osaka harbour city of the Japan country. The Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is open Tuesday do Sunday while closed on every Monday. It is an art type museum where passengers can watch several paintings and other attractions.

  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Location: Chuo City, Osaka Prefecture.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Address: 1 Chome-6-4 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Ticket Price (Entry Fee): Paid.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Timings (Open Hours): 11.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Closed Day: Monday

How Can Reach to Osaka Ukiyoe Museum: It is located in Osaka harbour city of the Japan country. Osaka harbour city is well connected to other foreign countries via air and water transport where has a busy international airport and seaport to world wide transport. Osaka port city is good connected to other Japanese destinations via air, water, train and road transport.

By Air Transport: Osaka harbour city has international airport where passengers can get air transport services to oversea countries and Japanese native places.

By train Transport: Osaka main and busy railway junction is Shin-Osaka Station where passengers can get train transport services to other Japanese locations.

Things to Do near of Osaka Ukiyoe Museum: Travelers can do several activities in Osaka harbour city which some are watch city famous museums, watch harbour city popular modern buildings, eat Japanese local street foods etc.

Tourists attractions near of Osaka Ukiyoe Museum: Travelers can visit several popular places in Osaka harbour city which some are the following.

Attractions near Ukiyoe Art museum: Natural Couture Shinsaibashi - Boutique, natural couture NICE CLAUP - Clothing store, STRAWBERRY MANIA - Cafe, Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street - Business park, ORANGE BOUTIQUE - Women's clothing store, Adidas Shinsaibashi - Sporting goods store, Abbddallii super store etc.

Other places to visit in Osaka harbour city: Asai Togei - Kaiseki restaurant, Yakiniku-kobo Hanagoyomi - Yakiniku restaurant, Ryu Ter Hua - Thai restaurant, Bible Club - Bar, Bar B-LUCK BERRY - Bar, Bar HEAVEN, Gyugo Shinsaibashi - Yakiniku restaurant, Yakiniku horumon Ryunosu - Yakiniku restaurant, Gyutan-sumibiyaki Yoshiji Shinsaibashi - Tongue restaurant etc. Japan holiday trip is a good plan to Ukiyoe Art museum tour which is located on Osaka harbour city of the Japan country. Thailand holiday trip and UAE Dubai holiday trip booking.

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Galway harbour city has several popular places to visit such as Galway Atlantaquaria - National Aquarium of Ireland, The Fisheries Watchtower Museum, Famine Ship Memorial - Memorial park, The Browne Doorway, Menlo Castle - Historical landmark, Galway Cathedral, Galway Arts Centre, St Ignatius Catholic Church, St Patrick's Garrison Church, The Holy Family Catholic Church, Church Of The Resurrection Ballinfoyle - Catholic church, Eyre Square - Park, Grattan Beach, Mutton Island Causeway - Park, Mutton Island, Pearse Stadium, Spanish Arch - Historical landmark, Galway Docks - Marina, Saint Nicholas' Collegiate Church - Anglican church, Galway Hibernians Soccer Club, Deadmans Beach, St Patrick's Garrison Church etc.