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Vernier City Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 16-May-2022

About Vernier city destination: Vernier is a suburb of the Greater Geneva city of the Switzerland country. Vernier city is situated on bank of the River Le Rhone which dropped into the Geneva city's lake further. Vernier is a good destination to explore Geneva city modern, social, culture and education life style. Greater Geneva is the second largest populated city of the Switzerland country. Geneva city is situated on bank of the city's lake which make city more attractive where tourists can enjoy different types of the water sports such as boating, fishing, swimming, parasailing, kayaking etc.

Vernier city / town is well connected to other Swiss places via road transport, train transport and air transport. Geneva city also has international airport which is also the second busy international airport of the Swiss country. Vernier city / town is exact 3.4 KM distance from Geneva city centre, Lausanne city is exact 63.1 KM distance, Bern capital city is just 158.9 KM distance, Lucerne city is just 264.6 KM distance and Zurich commercial city is just 277.4 KM far.

Switzerland is the most nature beautiful country of the Europe region which is placed in central of the Europe which western has France country, southern has Italy country, eastern has Austria country and northern has Germany country. Switzerland is all over world famous a tourist destination where come lots of travelers come all over world to spend summer holiday and winter holiday. all over Swiss country is covered by snow in winter season and in summer greenery spread in all northern land of the Switzerland while its southern parts also remain snow in summer season also. Switzerland tour travel and UK London tour travel .

How can come to Vernier city: Vernier town / city is good connected to other Switzerland domestic places via air transport, road transport, train transport and water transport into the Geneva lake. Passengers can come to Vernier city / town from other European countries via air transport, road transport and train transport. other Overseas countries people can come to Geneva via air transport where has second busy international airport of the Swiss country.

Geneva international airport: Geneva airport is the second busiest international airport of the Switzerland country where people also can get flights to all over world and Swiss domestic places also.

Geneva - Travel Terminals: Geneva city also has a busy international train station where passengers can get trains to other European countries and Swiss domestic places also. passengers can transport in European countries from one countries to other via road transport and train transport.

Mont-Blanc - Ferry terminal: Mont-Blanc is a ferry terminal which is placed in the Geneva lake where people can get water transport services to other shores of the lake which length more than 100 KM.

Vernier city tourists attractions: passengers can watch several popular places in Vernier city / town which some are FC Aire-Le-Lignon - Soccer club, Piscine du Lignon - Public swimming pool, Centre sportif du Bois-des-Freres - Sports complex, Parc de Vernier - Park, LIPO Ameublement SA Vernier - Furniture store, Passerelle du Lignon - Bridge, Rhone Bridge, The Geneva Skateboard Museum etc.

Vernier city famous Restaurants & accommodations: people can book different types of the hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure in Vernier and Geneva city. Vernier town / city some famous restaurants are MAHI Restaurant - Indian restaurant, Auberge de la Mairie - Restaurant, Restaurant des Tennis de Vernier, Cafe Restaurant de l'Aviation, Coop Restaurant Vernier, Brasserie du Lignon - Restaurant, La Passerelle - Restaurant etc.