Bus Transport in Japan

The Bus transport in Japan is one of the most revered transport as people love to use public transport system rather than using their own vehicle for short or long duration. Road passenger and freight transport got an expansion considerably during the 1980’s with private ownership of vehicles increased but still the buses which run 24 hours are considered to be a safer option. The local buses are said to be about the short distance and highway buses with cities covered are the bigger one Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto with less dense train network people going for public transportation.

With different ticketing systems for foreign as well as local tourists it makes somewhat intimidating but easy for the people as well as English signage along with timetables and announcements. But many buses lack English as the information system thus helping the people with understanding the notes about using the bus system makes easy. One should always enter through the back door and try to get knowledge from the operator at the terminal or carry a Google translator as most of the buses are connected with Wi-Fi. The buses are of different kind which can be classified into highway buses or the local buses and much of the ticketing system is managed through Japan Bus Pass.

Highway buses are the most economical ways to travel medium to long distances in Japan although slower than trains but are very cost effective over the competitive Tokyo routes. Every city is served by at-least one bus company connecting major cities with serving as regional hubs. The overnight buses save money on your accommodation and people can opt for the daily sightseeing The Willer Express is one of the few highway bus companies with English online reservation with payment system and highly competitive prices in terms of ticketing. The Japan Bus Pass is the most convenient system of ticketing which can be bought at any terminals.

The Bus time table are well defined and one could easily reach the various places of sightseeing along with the timetables for buses to reach at the various stations with on time performance. Ironically Japan Railways operates the highest number of bus system in Japan and although the tickets are a little costly still it is more reliable and apart from that also the buses on Willer could be found to a truly bargain with typical long distance or short distance to easily move around.