Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots Tour, Japan

About Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots:- Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots is a peace museum which is dedicated to the pilots and is located at the airbase of Chiran. The Imperial Airbase at Chiran, Kagoshima has two runways and the principal Kamikaze base was developed during the battle of Okinawa. The battle saw the death of 1,036 army aviators out of which 439 were from Chiran and the 335 were “young boy pilots”. The peace museum was built in 1975 and the lives along with their documents which was called “patriotic efforts for peace” were enlarged and exhibited making it a memorable one for the young pilots who get recruited in various wings of Japanese Air Force.

How can Reach:- Chiran Peace Museum is located in Minamikyushu location of in Kagoshima Prefecture of the Japan country. It is just 1386.9 Km far from Tokyo capital city.

Its nearest station is Kiire which is just 14.0 KM distance from Chiran Peace Museum. Tourists can get local trains to Kagoshimachuo big railway junction where get bullet and other trains to major cities of the Japan.

"Kagoshima airport" is a large domestic & international airport where tourists can get flights to foreign countries direct. It is just 72.0 KM distance from Minamikyushu city.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Kagoshima Airport" is a large international airport of the Japan country where tourists can get domestic & international to foreign countries. It is exact 72.0 KM distance from Minamikyushu.

Nearest Railway station:- Kiire Station (14.0 KM) - Ibusuki Makurazaki Line. Tourists can get here trains to Kagoshimachuo Station main railway junction where are available bullet trains.

Bues Services:- Buses are available from "Kagoshima Airport" (72.0 KM) to Minamikyushu city tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Kagoshima Airport" (72.0 KM) to Minamikyushu city tour.

Established Year:- 1975

Location:- Minamikyushu, Japan (Kagoshima Prefecture).

Tourist Attractions:- Chiran Tokku Museum, Tomiya Shokudou, Chiran Samurai District, Old Aircraft.

Things to Do:- Peace Museum Events participate, Tomiya Shokudou - military eatery.

Minamikyushu Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 4.6 5.7 8.4 12.7 17.1 21.0 25.3 25.6 22.8 17.5 11.9 6.7
Average High (℃) 12.8 14.3 17.1 21.6 25.2 27.6 31.9 32.5 30.1 25.4 20.3 15.3

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Distances from Chiran Peace Museum:-

Tokyo City : 1386.9 KM

Yokohama City : 1373.2 KM

Osaka City : 913.7 KM

Nagoya City : 1064.7 KM

Sapporo City : 2356.6 KM

Kyoto City : 942.0 KM

Nara City : 943.6 KM