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Okinawa City Tour, Japan

About Okinawa:- Okinawa is the literal meaning of Rope in the open sea and a fairly apt description of the long stretch of islands between the four main islands of Japan and Taiwan. It consists of 49 inhabited islands and 111 uninhabited islands. The Okinawa has a subtropical or tropical climate and is called to have the oldest evidence of human existence on the Okinawa Islands. With agricultural societies began in 8th century and its kingdom was working as a bridge between Japan, China and South-East Asia. If the northern end of the chain near Amami Islands of Kyushu to southern end near Taiwan.

If the Kerama islands are to be asked about for their early Okinawan history defined by midden or shell heap culture along with wave-like opening Jomon pottery. The Shimazu clan which controls the region is now by the name of Kagoshima prefecture along with the Satsuma maintained with strong influence over the islands and the Southern islands consists of uplifted coral reef whereas the northern half has proportionally more igneous rock. The easily eroded limestone of the South has many caves, the most famous which is Gyokusenoo in Nanjo, If the forests of Yanbera there are a small number of endemic Yanburu Kunia.

The Daito islands with Sakishima islands along with the Kitadaito and the Minamidaito with Sakishima islands along with the Irabu and Miyako and the Yaeyama islands with the Star alliance’s visit Japan programme gives enough opportunity in getting the right price on ticketing. If the most Japanese airlines do offer discounts and ship can give you the jitters of those beautiful ferry services to Okinawa which will remind you of the nostalgic childhood days. The rental car and the public bus are there but Okinawa is known for the beautiful towns and villages with natural parks along with island is comprised of coral and rainwater filtering through Coral islands where many caves are found. Okinawa Tour, Okinawa Travel, Okinawa Holiday, Okinawa Trip, Okinawa Vacation and Okinawa Tourism to explore popular places.

It also has the nearest airport connecting through Naha Airport which serves the island. The All Nippon Airways has a cargo hub at airport by 2009, with freight services between Japan and other Asian countries. The Okinawa has the popular media and with the backdrop of the Japanese science fiction Kaiju film Godzilla along with the setting for the 1986 film The Karate Kid for the Japanese superhero stories and also the Okinawa being the setting for the 2018 Japanese superhero kaiju film Ultraman Geed the Move.

Tourists attractions:- Beautiful Beaches, Shuri Castle, Traditional houses, Peace Memorial Park in Naha, Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST).

Things to do:- Diving, Swimming on Beaches, offshore fishing, Snorkeling - Water sport, Sailing - Water sport, Surfing - Water sport.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 14.6 14.8 16.5 19.0 21.8 24.8 26.8 26.6 25.5 23.1 19.9 16.3
Average High (℃) 19.5 19.8 21.7 24.1 26.7 29.4 31.8 31.5 30.4 27.9 24.6 21.2

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Distances from Naha Capital city:-

Tokyo City : 2127.6 KM

Yokohama City : 2116.9 KM

Osaka City : 1654.5 KM

Nagoya City : 1805.4 KM

Kyoto City : 1682.7 KM

Kobe City : 1624.6 KM

Nearest Major Airport:- "Naha Airport" is the main airport of the Okinawa Island where tourists can get flights to foreign countries and domestic country Japan. Naha is the capital city of the Island.