Reaching Japan by Ship

Japan is one of the Archipelago that is accessible either by air or by sea. The sea travelling has it’s own beauty involved in it where the water and the far off horizon could be seen with multiple hues and colors of aqua life. Visiting Japan by boat makes it convenient and affordable which is the best alternative to flying. If one talks about any neighbouring nation of Japan from where one could find easy travelling ways then South Korea and Japan has historical and economic ties with each other to make travel easy and various cruise ships with the air-conditioned coach makes beautiful views for a small price.

The three major ports in Japan provide ferry services to and from Busan, South Korea. The high-speed ferries between Busan and Fukuoka run daily with somewhat a lesser amount than 13,000 Yen giving a minimum of 6 hours to reach Japan. If a person does not care about the duration of voyage then Kampu ferry along with running between Busan and Shimonoseki with just a small amount of 9,000 Yen takes approximately 12 hours. There is also Panstar cruise which runs between Osaka and Busan. If you are planning to reach Russia which is one of the closest neighbor of Japan then the port city of Russia Sakhalin and Japan’s Hokkaido were just a few minutes away from each other.

Ferries run only on trial basis which connects the families and got separated during invasion of Sakhalin in Second World War. The two countries have even planned to make a Sakhalin-Hokkaido tunnel which is supposed to connect the two regions. The ferry service between Sakhalin and Hokkaido are confined only for those families which got separated during second World War. The ferries run between Wakkanai and Korsakov in August and early September. The one-way trips cost around 18.000 Yen along with cutting the travel time which takes four to five hours. China is a country which has more than a million people visiting to Japan every year.

There are ferries that run from Sanghai to Nagasaki and Fukuoka by private companies. The theme park Huis Ten Bosch or the little Holland attracts thousands of visitors from China through a direct ferry. It shows that there is a much cooler option either by domestic ferries or the international cruise ship to reach Japan and the ferry travel is often significantly cheaper than Japan.

Japan the Most Busiest International Port Harbours:-

Seaport Name:- Port of Tokyo.
Seaport Location:- Tokyo, Japan
Opened Year:- 1923

Seaport Name:- Port of Yokosuka.
Seaport Location:- Yokosuka, Japan
Opened Year:- 1859

Seaport Name:- Port of Akita.
Seaport Location:- Akita, Japan
Opened Year:- 1965

Seaport Name:- Port of Chiba.
Seaport Location:- Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Opened Year:- 1953

Seaport Name:- Port of Funagawa.
Seaport Location:- Oga, Akita, Japan
Opened Year:- 1951

Seaport Name:- Port of Hachinohe.
Seaport Location:- Hachinohe, Japan
Opened Year:- 1929

Seaport Name:- Port of Hakodate.
Seaport Location:- Hakodate, Japan

Seaport Name:- Port of Ibaraki.
Seaport Location:- Ibaraki, Japan
Opened Year:- 1965

Seaport Name:- Port of Kobe.
Seaport Location:- Kobe, Japan
Opened Year:- 1858

Seaport Name:- Port of Nagoya.
Seaport Location:- Nagoya, Japan
Opened Year:- 1907

Seaport Name:- Port of Noshiro.
Seaport Location:- Noshiro, Japan
Opened Year:- 1964

Seaport Name:- Port of Osaka.
Seaport Location:- Osaka, Japan
Opened Year:- 1876

Seaport Name:- Port of Sakata.
Seaport Location:- Sakata, Japan
Opened Year:- 1885

Seaport Name:- Port of Takamatsu.
Seaport Location:- Takamatsu, Japan

Seaport Name:- Port of Yokohama.
Seaport Location:- Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Japan
Opened Year:- 1859