Tanabata Matsuri Festival, Japan

Festival History:- Sendai Tanabata Matsuri is the capital city of Miyagi prefecture, Japan and the largest city in Tohoku region along with being one of the Japan’s 20 designated cities. The largest Tanabata Festival is celebrated in Japan which takes place in downtown Sendai, Miyagi prefecture. It is held every year on August 6th to 8th and the Tohoku’s summer does not end without celebration of the three great festivals of the Tohuku region. It is one of the most annual summer events which is admired by us and the festival is celebrated in various places throughout Japan.

Festival celebration:- The thousands of colorful steamers along with parading with fireworks, concerts and the food stalls are tried through local specialties. Not only one festival by the name of Tanabata Matsuri but also the two more festivals by the name of Akita Kanto Matsuri is held from August 3rd to 6th along with Aomori Nebuta Matsuri which happens from August 2nd to 7th which helps the enjoyment during the great summer holidays. Sendai is also one of the famous summer holidays destinations in Japan and traveling esp. during the festivals make it more worthy for a person as it not only helps to spend the money wisely but here are some places where one could see the colorful Tanabata decorations in Sendai are:

Kchibancho Shopping arcade

One shopping arcade

Shimin Hiroba Square

Kotodai park

The Festival food:- The festivals in Japan are also known for the food they serve so here are some examples of the types of food which is served here:

The grilled squid

The grilled fish

Real Meibutsu

Adzuki or Red bean paste

Zunda smoothies

Zunda Mochi

Zunda ice-cream

Gyutan( Grilled beef tongue)

Once the beautiful Tanabata bamboo pole is decorated and also smaller paper decoration is done which includes Kimono to ward off bad health and accidents along with a net for good harvests is kept.

Festival facts:- The key facts about the festival are decorations which are displayed in area stretching from Sendai station along with Chuo-Dori Avenue to Ichibancho arcade. The simple bamboo decorations can also be seen in neighbouring shopping districts along with Tanabata Dance and on-stage events are performed with fantastic illuminations done in the form of Milky Way.

The traditional dance and food vendors can be found along Chuo Shopping arcades and also along the Ichibancho which is just few minutes walk from JR Sendai station with Shimin Hiroba Square and Kotodai Park to come till the end along the Hirosegawa River giving the feel of the entire journey of a full enjoyment and pleasure.